Ibnu Mubarak's advices

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah...... Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim...

On his advice with regards to dealing with others, friendship and companionship:

I see men who are content without religion
But I do not see them being content in life
So be rich with Allah from the world and its kings
Just like the kings feel rich with their world from religion

If you accompany another, then do accompany
A friend who is bashful, humble and generous
Who says 'No' when you say 'No'
And says 'Yes' when you say 'Yes'

If you travel with a people and accompany them,
Then be to them like a close relative and brother
Who has insight and brings peace, criticizing only himself
With a heart blind to the errors of his companion
Do not hold all people to account for their mistakes
But rather say: 'Come! Let us go on our way'
If you hold them for their mistakes, then you shall tire
And you shall remain in your life without any friends

On the righteous ruler:

It is with the Ruler that Allah prevents trouble
From afflicting our faith, out of His Mercy and Kindness
Were it not for the leaders, roads would not be safe for us
And the weak amongst us would be robbed by the strong

His criticism of those who took to worshipping in Baghdad whilst the enemy was being
fought on the frontlines:

O' you monk who has clothed himself in wool!
Who is now counted amongst the worshippers!
Adhere to the frontlines and worship therein
For Baghdad is not a place for the ascetic
Indeed Baghdad has become a place for the kings
And a residence only for the miserly recitor!

How can the eyes of the people of knowledge find rest,
How can they find sweetness in their sleep and breaks
When Hellfire lies on the outskirts, they must pass over it
But they do not know, who will be saved and who will fall in?
The scrolls have been laid out and spread in their palms
In it lie all secrets, and the Compeller is watching
It is either great bliss and everlasting life
Or burning Hell where you'll remain and never be called
It suddenly seizes its dweller and raises him high
If they wish for a way out of its fierceness, they'll never be granted
So let knowledge benefit its scholar, before death approaches
For nations have asked to be returned, but they did not return

Silence is more beautiful for a youth
Than speech that's said outside of its occasion.
I find truthfulness to be more attractive for a youth
In his speech, more beautiful than even he himself.
Who is it that can remain hidden
If you were to look to his companions?
How often has a man who previously held certainty,
Become overwhelmed by misery, which overcame his conviction?
So it swayed him from his correct opinion
And so he purchased the world with his religion

My soul has experienced much, but I did not find
After the taqwa of Allah, anything like good manners
And even if my soul dislikes it, I do not find
Anything better than abstaining from lies
Or backbiting the people, when it wished to backbite
For the Lord, Most Noble has prohibited that in the Revelation
I said to my soul, in obedience and struggle
'Forbearance and knowledge only beautify the noble
O' Soul! Surely, if your speech is silver
Then silence is made purely out of gold.'

'My pleasure lies only in transmitting narrations
Which have been perfected with eloquence of speech
And gatherings wherein tranquility descends
The gatherings of remembrance of the Huffadh
They have attained virtue, nobility and intellect
From their Lord, because they guarded narrations
They gained the Pleasure of the Lord of the Throne
When they gained certainty that for the righteous group
… Paradise lies in store

If you ever have time and find yourself in ease,
Then take advantage of prayer, to draw near to Allah
If you ever wish to speak ill a word of falsehood,
Then instead put in its place, a word of glorification
Because taking advantage of silence is better
Then speaking frequently, even if you are eloquent in speech

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