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Allah, The Most Kind and Gentle

Although I vanish, the Most Gentle and Kind vanishes not. Thus, I have hope in Him - hope that fails not.

I seek safety with Him from a time where trials would age this body of mine

So, I bring my needs, and I’m ever in poverty To the One with whom hearts find tranquility

Numerous are the matters that Allah decrees! Yet, the unseen realm, is that which none sees

His decree eases secretly our difficulties And by decree does He alleviate our calamities

and by His discreet kindness and generosity, there’s relief - replacing all adversity.

Whose door do I have, besides Allah’s door? I have no other Master nor another whom I so adore!

He is generous, kind and gentle, blessing us ceaselessly, He answers our prayers and conceals our faults so beautifully,

Enduring is He, never hastening to recompense our delinquency He bestows his mercy like pure rain, gracefully

Therefore, King of kings, please pardon me; My sins have cast me so far away from thee

My lusts have caused my malady Yet there’s none but thee to heal me

So my Lord, comfort and shield me from eyes burning green. for when calamities strike they do so with fangs sharp keen.

My Lord, fasten me with the joys of children and family Without them a man is certainly a stranger, poor and lonely

Ah, my young children, on their fate I do fret Worn from worry and grief I am ever upset

But to thee the reigns of my life I do surrender To the One who handles affairs with majestic splendor

The Most Merciful, my refuge and the pillar on which I lean In repentance, I call Him with none in between.

Allah, Of my condition thee did hear so my Master, I ask, is relief near?

O Lord of Judgment Day, relieve this anxiety of stubborn worries that in my heart sink deeply

And bind me to the rope of thy content, and turn thy Face to me And accept me so that I may repent and return wholly to thee.

My safety and success are in thy Hands So support my will against life’s difficult demands

And with Thy remembrance illuminate my life. Indeed when recalling thy name sweetness becomes rife

And say of me that I am still thy servant sharing in thy Kindness, drawing near to thee, no longer distant

My thoughts of thee, my Sustainer, are pleasant And my hopes in thee, lie in meadows, fertile and fragrant

And send prayers and praises upon the Prophet and his family For whom the nightingales from their branches sing their sweet melody

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